Two ways of purchasing.

  1. You can directly buy from the owner/seller. In this case will take no responsibility for any kind of fraud. So be careful in all respect. No claim is acceptable. So do it yourself.
  • You can use as “third party”.

Third Party rules:

  1. Buyer chooses a cow, talk to the seller and settle the price. Also settle the transport cost and who will pay.
  2. Ask your agents [seller agents and buyer agents] to lock the price and make an order-invoice.
  3. Buyer will deposit the service charge and transport cost (negotiable) to the agent and get the printed slip/money receipt/e-mail including details. And seller will confirm deal by signature/phone conversation and get a printed slip/email including everything.
  4. will transport the cow to the buyer and buyer will check everything and receive the cow.
  5. Buyer signs the slip/confirm agents and completes the deal ”CASH ON DELIVERY” system.

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