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Shipping Policy

In case of hambahamba.com as a third party.

  1. fare is calculated by hambahamba.com [SBC]. the formula is  [cost=number of cows x 500 + Total weight x 3 +  Kilometer x 20 =0.000 Tk. ] 
  2. Settle who (seller vendor or buyer vendor) will pay the bill. 
  3. Inform the shipping depart. They will manage the shipment.
  4. Just cooperate and communicate  with them as a professional businessman.
  5. Any problem call the shipping head.

Refund Policy

In case of cancellation of a deal.

  1. Buyer will get full refund if he cancel the deal before loading the cows on vehicle.
  2. if cancel after loading  the vehicle  - buyer will pay the full shipping cost.
  3. if cancel after reach to the store house - buyer will pay double the shipping cost.
  4. But if the description of the cows seems incorrect and buyer do not accept the cows, then the seller will pay the double of the shipping cost  and he may get a "show cause" which in turn may be the cancellation of his vendor ship. 
  5. However if everything is right but for the mistake by  shipping dept - delay shipping, damage of product etc...then the shipping dept will bear the cost.
  6. If the concern parties cant meet the problem...the legislative dept will handle the issue as per the rules.

General Inquiries

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