• What is hambahamba.com?
  • Online cow market to facilitate the cow buyer and seller.
  • Third party to make a deal safely across the country.
  • Why is hambahamba.com?
  • To fight covid-19, we need to stay home, avoid crowd, all kinds of avoidable transport and movement, social distance and maintain all kinds of health safety manner. www.hambahamba.com is a great online platform in this regards.
  • For hassle free selling and buying of cows. Selling and buying a cow is very strenuous task especially at Kurbani-time. Here cows directly move from seller home to buyer’s house.
  • Cow for kurbani is a matter of choice of family. We help you to choose the best cow staying at home with family members. About 10 million people send money from foreign countries but can’t see, can’t choose the kurbani. So now they can choose their best one.
  • Who is the founder and  owner hambahamba.com?
  • The founder is the CEO-Abu Siddique, APECE, DU.
  • www.hambahamba.com is a concern of ‘mymensingh agro-dadosh’, a guerrilla marketing force.
  • Where hambahamba.com is situated?
  • Working area: Whole Bangladesh,  Teknaf to Tatulia.
  • Corporate Head Office: House – 4th floor, Aloka Nodi Bangla Complex. Mymensingh
  • When hambahamba.com starts?
  • Idea blinked in mind in 2012.
  • Idea got maturity in 2015
  • R&D starts in 2016.
  • Company formed in January 2019.
  • Website published in June 2019.
  • Target deal by December 2019 – 1000 cows.
  • Target deal increase every year – 20000 cows
  • Continue the growth up to saturation of the demand and supply.
  • [What is the information we provide about the cow]
  • Category : Cow-gavi,   Culf – bokna basur,      Bullock – Bolod,     Little-ox – Deha     OX-Shar.
  • KIND-Jath:     Bangladeshi,  Fresian, Nepali, Indian, Brahama, Mundi, Jursey
  • Teeth:  0-8
  • Age:   00 months    00 years         [use range bar]
  • Color:     red,   Black,   White,   red-black mixed,   Black-white mixed, red-white mixed, special.
  • Weight:      00 kg    ( as per g2 L/600  law    )    [use range bar ]  
  • Milk per day:  00 kg
  • Ben No. : 00 th.
  • Culf-age: 00 year  00 months.
  • Location area:  ……..upozila    [use bd map and highlight the upozila]
  • Price: 00000 Tk.     [use range bar]
  •  [Can I buy cow in Bangladesh  from abroad and send it to my home address]

YES, any person outside Bangladesh can choose, buy, send a cow from us.

  • [Can I cancel the order after watching the cow]

YES, Please see our-

Return policy

  • If the cow and description do not match – buyer can refuse the deal and get full money back.

  Ultimately seller-agent has to pay the up/down         transport cost.

  • If the cow and description match – Still the buyer can refuse the deal but have to pay                            up/down  transport cost.
  • If cow and description makes doubt among the seller and buyer and agents  – hambahamba.com  Legislative team will finalize the conflict. Please remember the law of Bangladesh “Vukta Odiker Ayen and FRAUD Law”.
  • [How the price of the cows made?]

There are two ways to define price.

Negotiate the price directly with the seller and the inform the nearest vendor to lock the deal making an order-invoice. Here time is important. Seller can modify/cancel/increase/decrease price if buyer do not confirm order-invoice in the same day before 8.00 pm.

Sometimes seller may offer fixed rate. If rate is fixed the buyer have no scope to negotiate/should not try to negotiate. He should decide accept the price or deny the price. Thank you.

  1. [Can I transport the cows own self after making an order-invoice]

No, you cannot do so.

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