1. What is hambahamba.com?

  1. Why is hambahamba.com?

  1. Who is the founder and  owner hambahamba.com?


  1. Where hambahamba.com is situated?

  1. When hambahamba.com starts?


  1. [What is the information we provide about the cow]

  1.  [Can I buy cow in Bangladesh  from abroad and send it to my home address]

YES, any person outside Bangladesh can choose, buy, send a cow from us.

  1. [Can I cancel the order after watching the cow]

YES, Please see our-

Return policy


  Ultimately seller-agent has to pay the up/down         transport cost.




  1. [How the price of the cows made?]


There are two ways to define price.

Negotiate the price directly with the seller and the inform the nearest vendor to lock the deal making an order-invoice. Here time is important. Seller can modify/cancel/increase/decrease price if buyer do not confirm order-invoice in the same day before 8.00 pm.

Sometimes seller may offer fixed rate. If rate is fixed the buyer have no scope to negotiate/should not try to negotiate. He should decide accept the price or deny the price. Thank you. 


  1. [Can I transport the cows own self after making an order-invoice]

No, you cannot do so.