Concern matters

For farmer/owner/seller-     

  1. Clean information of cows – Pictures,  chest, belly, waist, length, height, teeth.
  2. Clean information of seller-  a. Name  b. Mobile  c. Village/mohollah  d. Profession
  3. Consumer’s right/fraud law known.

For Freelancer:

  1. Having own camera/smart phone
  2. Skilled/trained
  3. Vendors staff-list by depositing 5000/-
  4. Honest in information making.
For vendors-
  1. 5 years business experience in poultry feed/vet pharmacy/rod-cement
  2. Bank Guarantee of 2 lac taka.
  3. Assessment form done by HRM dept.

For visitor/buyer: Everybody can visit without any cost. Also he can see the address/mobile number of seller and negotiate and then finalize the price. Buyer must give details of address if make an order. Please note – your order is confirm if and only if you have received the order invoice in printed copy/e-mail copy.

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